I went for some trekking in Thailand with my wife Claudia. This is a little, not edited report, shot with my iPhone.

IMG_7517 IMG_7537 IMG_7580 IMG_7642

More pictures after the break

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I have a job interview tomorrow and they asked me to bring a printed portfolio. It’s somehow an unusual request these days, and since I have moved around the world a couple of times recently, I actually don’t have one with me so I usually go to interviews with my laptop and some magazines. That said, I made one. It’s not perfect or anything, it’s a little stiff, the print-service round the corner didn’t have inkjet and some other issues but… I kinda like it!


Cardboard, cutter, ruler


Using Cosmo to avoid punching holes in the table with my badass IKEA screwdriver


Damn! That’s thick!


Only the best technology


One hour later (that thread!)

1007 08

Well, of course I don’t know.

But recently I am very happy with my works and I think it has that something to do with my new italo-american immigrant situation (for those of you who don’t know: I moved to Minneapolis in January 2012 from Trieste, Italy).

I think something changed in my mind.

When I was in Italy I tried and tried to make good and impressive design works, but there was always something wrong: the client’s an asshole, tight deadlines, poor brief, too strict brief, I want more money, the text is bad, copy writers are shit, etc.etc. Complaining: this is a field in which we Italians are the best. And I think this negativity led to negative results.

Now I’ve put myself in the position of being what I am and doing what I want. And I think it’s the only way that can make you happy (professionally speaking). I’ve been lucky to find an environment in which I can express myself and my ideas, and think deeply about what I am doing, and try and re-try ’till I find my way.

This is the formula:

  do what you do best  
+ take the time you need 
+ be honest (to yourself and the public)
= great work (almost!)

It took ten years and an intercontinental flight to understand this basic principle.

Welcome Carlo!