Trekking in Thailand

I went for some trekking in Thailand with my wife Claudia. This is a little, not edited report, shot with my iPhone.

IMG_7517 IMG_7537 IMG_7580 IMG_7642

More pictures after the break

IMG_7626 IMG_7793 IMG_7844 IMG_7849 IMG_7853 IMG_7873 IMG_7894 IMG_7910 IMG_7917 IMG_7938 IMG_7942 IMG_7946 IMG_7986 IMG_7997 IMG_8007 IMG_8010 IMG_8011 IMG_8049 IMG_8051

IMG_4303 IMG_8053

IMG_4250 IMG_4198 IMG_8070 IMG_8095 IMG_8104 IMG_8110Yeah, I had some work to do. #freelancelife


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