Wearehere magazine: Dubai

I am always happy when I find in my mailbox a big envelope from overseas, meaning that some independent magazine or book has made the transatlantic voyage to my little studio apartment in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I was super excited to have finally issue #2 of Wearehere, an independent travel magazine edited by Conor Purcell, editor of Emirates’ Airlines Open Skies.

Wearehere #2 had an adventurous development. Being all about Dubai, it suffered of a particularly annoying form of censorship: advertisers retired their contributions because of pressure of local government authorities.

Instead of watering down its content and obey to Dubai government requests, Wearehere crowd-funded the entire issue (which is, in fact, ad-free) and went on press late but without censorship.

All the photos in the magazine have an instagrammish flavor, paper is thick and matte, stories are always intriguing and unexpected.

I am really proud of my little contribution and I strongly reccomend you to buy a copy and follow these guys here and on Twitter.

photo 1

photo 2


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