I could do that!

I am fascinated about the Modernists’ ambition of making “design for everyone”, “design for the people”. What does that mean can be the subject of endless discussions. But recently I am thinking about what I call “information priorities”. When approaching a work, I used to “dick around” a lot, spending a lot of time trying random combinations of images, colors, type just to get that feeling. It felt like not right.

So I tried to change my approach simply focusing on the information. I make  a quick analysis of what (I think) should be more important, then find a secondary information, then a third-level one and so on. Now I have a path, with a Step 1 (main information), and a Step 2 (secondary information) etc. Then I try to find the clearest, simplest, quickest way to represent this path. Usually using words, which appears to be a very productive tool.  If necessary, I add a picture. The picture, if well chosen, is a great tool because it sets a good environment for our informations.

When the information is well laid-out, I can eventually customize its shape just to make it more personal. But sometimes I leave it as it is. And it’s like the information, the message was already there, and my job was just to bring it out, unveiling it.

People could say: – so basically you are producing nothing, I could do that. Well, in a way it’s true. But I found that

  • It takes more courage than you think to  let the things speak for themselves
  • Isn’t this a perfect design for everyone example? Everybody could do it, if provided with the necessary courage and the proper tools (a good typeface, for example).

I want to work more on this angle of the profession of graphic designer. It’s humbler, not glamour, maybe more useful.


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