It’s not Comic Sans, it’s you!

You probably already know all the story about Comic Sans in Higgs Boson presentation and the subsequent super-flame on Twitter and other blogs, magazines etc.

Honestly, I don’t care at all about this kind of discussions on supposed-poor design, but this article made me think. Basically they say that at some point, somebody needed a font that could better communicate the obscure notions related to the enormous discovery.

If this is true, why on earth top-notch scientists should give a damn about adding sense (humbleness? humanity? why not a touch of pink?) to one of the most revolutionary achievement of human history? Hasn’t it enough sense itself?

Nobody seems to be focused on content, maybe because we are so used to add an extra value to our poorly designed lives that we do it by default, without thinking about it. Design-bullshit has penetrated so deep inside every layer of our society that even our greatest moments have to be styled, one way or another.

This presentation is bad not because it’s ugly. It’s bad because it’s designed.  The beauty of things can be found in the essence of things, not in their look. This must be our aim, not only as designers, but as conscious humans in general.

We just need more truth. It’s there, it only needs to be revealed.
And when we are focused on truth, Comic Sans disappears.

And also that damn blue highlighting!



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