How can I make great graphic design?

Well, of course I don’t know.

But recently I am very happy with my works and I think it has that something to do with my new italo-american immigrant situation (for those of you who don’t know: I moved to Minneapolis in January 2012 from Trieste, Italy).

I think something changed in my mind.

When I was in Italy I tried and tried to make good and impressive design works, but there was always something wrong: the client’s an asshole, tight deadlines, poor brief, too strict brief, I want more money, the text is bad, copy writers are shit, etc.etc. Complaining: this is a field in which we Italians are the best. And I think this negativity led to negative results.

Now I’ve put myself in the position of being what I am and doing what I want. And I think it’s the only way that can make you happy (professionally speaking). I’ve been lucky to find an environment in which I can express myself and my ideas, and think deeply about what I am doing, and try and re-try ’till I find my way.

This is the formula:

  do what you do best  
+ take the time you need 
+ be honest (to yourself and the public)
= great work (almost!)

It took ten years and an intercontinental flight to understand this basic principle.

Welcome Carlo!

1 comment
  1. claire said:

    fantastic assioma. but should it work here (in Italy I mean) ???:(

    bye Carl!

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